Scheduling Your Sleep Study

After consulting with one of our board certified sleep medicine physicians, call the Sleep Wellness Center at 1-855-633-6813 to schedule your overnight sleep study.

The study is considered an outpatient procedure, even though you will be spending the night in one of our comfortable rooms.

The sleep study, or polysomnogram, is a combination of several diagnostic tests that are recorded as you sleep. Brain wave activity, or EEG, will be recorded by electrodes attached to your scalp with adhesive. Eye movements and chin muscle activity will be recorded in the same way. Breathing will be monitored by electrodes on your chest and abdomen. Air flow and snoring will be monitored with a small temperature gauge near your nose and mouth. The amount of oxygen in your blood will be measured by attaching an adhesive patch to your finger. Leg muscle activity will be recorded by attaching an electrode to your calf muscles. All of these tests are painless and risk-free.

If other special tests are needed, your doctor will discuss this with you.