Physical Therapy

Customized rehabilitation to meet your goal at our 7,000 square foot facility located at Brandywine Rehabilitation at 200 Municipal Drive in Thorndale, PA. Our space is equipped with a hand rehabilitation center, sports functional training area, updated modality equipment, work injury simulation stations.

Patients of all ages are treated for:

Hand, hip, joint replacement, knee, neck and back, pediatric, pulmonary, shoulder, speech, stroke/neurologic and vestibular

Whether you are recovering from a broken bone, muscle injury or surgery, regaining mobility, strength, flexibility and endurance are a key part of your recovery. Every individual has different goals and expectations in recovery, so our rehabilitation specialists provide a customized plan that incorporates the unique goals and abilities of each person.

Our physical therapists provide:

Education about your condition or injury, the healing process, and how to prevent injury during recovery and in the future.

Various therapies as needed (such as ice, heat, massage or ultrasound) and hands-on assistance with exercises and stretches.

Therapists will also provide instructions for strength and flexibility exercises to do at home.

Motivation, support and assistance throughout your recovery.

Our therapists and trainers are experienced in professional and Division I athletic training.

Customized medical fitness programs are developed for patients with diabetes osteoporosis and other conditions.

Our rehabilitation team includes knowledgeable, caring professionals who are dedicated to providing quality care and support, and helping you return to the activities you enjoy as quickly as possible.