Physical Therapy


Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services:

Brandywine Hospital is dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives after illness and injury. We believe that recovery encompasses both mind and body, so our comprehensive services address both the mental and physical aspects of rehabilitation. Our team includes knowledgeable, caring professionals who are dedicated to providing quality care and support.

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and therapists deliver a full spectrum of expert care in a supportive environment. Brandywine's talented rehabilitation team is well equipped to provide everything from physical and occupational therapy to a full range of specialized services to assist patients after cancer, heart attack or brain injury. Our services include:

Inpatient care – At Brandywine Hospital, we are committed to helping our patients return to their most functional and productive life possible. Our experienced staff works with each patient through an individualized treatment plan for their injury, disease or disorder.

Outpatient care – We provide physical, occupational and speech therapy services at a variety of locations.

Specialized programs – To address the unique needs of patients recovering from a heart attack, stroke, cancer and other serious conditions, we offer specialized programs that provide a range of rehabilitative services to meet each individual’s needs.

Outpatient rehabilitation – Intensive, individualized rehabilitation programs at specific locations offering physical therapy , occupational therapy to help patients regain their quality of life.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation services help patients living with heart disease, recovering from a heart attack or bypass surgery to build endurance and strength. But it’s not all about the body’s stronge...

Cardiovascular Surgery

Temple cardiovascular surgeons are now closer to your heart. Cardiovascular and lung surgical services of Temple Heart & Vascular Institute are now available at Brandywine Hospital under the leade...

Occupational Therapy

At MedCenter 100, located in Exton, occupational therapy is designed to help patients with temporary or permanent loss of function regain independence and quality of life. Our facility offers a full r...

Physical Therapy

Customized rehabilitation to meet your goal at our 7,000 square foot facility located at Brandywine Rehabilitation at 200 Municipal Drive in Thorndale, PA. Our space is equipped with a hand rehabilita...

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Brandywine Hospital's pulmonary rehabilitation services help improve quality of life for people with chronic lung disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, chron...

Speech therapy

At Brandywine Hospital, speech and language therapists assist with everything from swallowing difficulties to memory deficits, voice dysfunction and language barriers. If full recovery is not possible, therapists help patients and family members learn compensatory techniques to allow the highest level of functioning possible.