Paramedic Unit Medic 93

Brandywine Hospital's paramedic unit, Medic 93, has been serving Chester County residents and visitors since 1982 and since then, has provided lifesaving care to thousands of individuals. Medic 93 is a vital part of Brandywine's emergency team and works closely with local fire and emergency medical services (EMS) to administer advanced medical care at scenes of illness or injury.

Staffed by specially-trained, state-licensed paramedics and pre-hospital registered nurses, Medic 93 clinicians have the knowledge and practical skills needed to assess and treat patients in all types of environments. Administering medications, inserting intravenous (IV) lines and breathing tubes, and monitoring heart rhythms are samples of their advanced medical skills.

In addition to their state licensure, the clinicians maintain a variety of certifications including CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), ACLS (advanced cardiac life support), PALS (pediatric advanced life support), ITLS (international trauma life support), NALS (neonatal advanced life support) and several proficiencies, such as, emergency vehicle operation and hazardous materials management.

Medic 93's advanced life support vehicles are equipped with sophisticated emergency equipment, such as a heart monitor and defibrillator, medications, advanced airway equipment, and basic life support equipment, to quickly access patient needs, perform life saving treatments, talk to emergency department personnel and prepare the patient for rapid transport to the hospital.

Medic 93 has a 12-lead EKG system in its vehicles, which allows paramedics in the field to quickly determine whether a patient is experiencing an acute heart attack and transmit the information to the emergency department for rapid response of Brandywine Hospital's heart and catheter lab teams.

Medic 93 is in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and covers the 320 square-mile radius surrounding Brandywine Hospital. It is accessed through the Chester County 911 center in West Chester.