Cardiovascular Surgery

Temple cardiovascular surgeons are now closer to your heart.

Cardiovascular and lung surgical services of Temple Heart & Vascular Institute are now available at Brandywine Hospital under the leadership of Medical Director of Cardiovascular Surgery, Ravishankar Raman, M.D.

We are proud to add this new level of clinical care to Brandywine’s three decades of cardiovascular services. The Temple surgical team provides atrial fibrillation, heart valve, and lung surgeries, utilizing techniques that include minimally invasive and beating heart surgery. Our program takes an integrated approach across medical disciplines and care settings to truly provide patient-centered care. Patients who require very complex procedures receive priority access to Temple University Hospital.

Why have we taken this important step?

We believe hospitals should work together for patients. Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is recognized as a regional and national leader in providing evidence-based quality cardiovascular care informed by innovative cardiovascular research and medical education.